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At Interview Skills Coach, we take pride in our seasoned interview coach who possess extensive experience in executive-level recruitment and interviews. With their insider knowledge and deep understanding of industry dynamics, they provide invaluable insights and strategic guidance to ensure you make a lasting impression.

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I recently hosted Kevin O’Reilly, The Interview Skills Coach, for a successful workshop at our school. As a teacher, I seek real-world experiences to enhance students' skills. Kevin's well-organized professionalism ensured a smooth event. His informative workshop covered interview prep, communication, body language, and more. Activities and mock interviews engaged students, fostering a collaborative environment. Students found the workshop insightful and practical, boosting confidence. Kevin's passion for student success shone. I highly recommend this interactive interview skills workshop; Kevin's approach, knowledge, and teaching create an ideal learning experience, benefiting students' professional journeys.

Gayle Ferguson Head Of Careers

Kevin's extensive knowledge proved invaluable in equipping me with essential skills and invaluable tips, fostering a newfound confidence within me when it comes to interviews. His guidance transcended mere information, delving into nuanced strategies and comprehensive insights. Through his expertise, I not only gained a deeper understanding of interview dynamics but also imbibed the art of articulating my thoughts persuasively. Kevin's mentorship has undeniably been a transformative experience, instilling in me a self-assuredness that radiates during interviews. His ability to impart knowledge in a relatable and applicable manner has undoubtedly elevated my interview prowess, empowering me for success.

Martina Murray Grunova Senior Recruitment Officer

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