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Interview Skills Coach T’s and C’s

At, our primary goal is to provide exceptional services and products to assist individuals in enhancing their interview skills and achieving professional success. To ensure transparency and clear communication with our clients, we have established a comprehensive Cancellation and Refund Policy that outlines the procedures and guidelines related to refunds, appointment changes, cancellations, and gift vouchers. This policy overview provides an in-depth understanding of these key aspects.


1-2-1 Coaching

Refunds on Products and Services

We take pride in delivering high-quality services and products to our clients. Upon booking a session and completing the payment process, it’s important to note that the payment is considered non-refundable. This policy underscores our commitment to providing valuable services and maintaining our high standards of professionalism. Similarly, any products purchased from our store, whether physical or digital, are also non-refundable to ensure fairness and consistency in our approach.  



We recognise that unexpected situations may occur. In such instances, any unused sessions from a prepaid package will be extended for a period of 18 months from the original purchase date, affording our clients the flexibility to reschedule and make the most of the services they’ve invested in, even if their initial plans undergo changes. We believe this demonstrates and harmonises our dedication to delivering quality with our unwavering commitment to ensuring client satisfaction.


Appointment Changes

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, necessitating changes to scheduled appointments. Clients are granted the flexibility to modify their appointment times, provided that they notify us at least 24 hours in advance. This 24-hour notice period allows us to manage our schedule effectively and accommodate the request without imposing any additional charges. For making changes to appointments, clients are encouraged to communicate with Kevin via email at ensuring a seamless and hassle-free process.



We recognise that situations can arise where cancellations become unavoidable. Clients who find themselves needing to cancel a scheduled session are advised to do so with at least 24 hours’ notice. Cancellations made within this timeframe will not incur any charges, respecting the client’s need for flexibility. However, cancellations made within 24 hours of the scheduled session will result in a charge equivalent to the fee of one session. This approach is implemented to account for the time and resources allocated for the session.


Gift Vouchers

Our gift vouchers offer individuals the opportunity to gift the valuable experience of interview skills enhancement to their peers. These vouchers are valid for a generous duration of 24 months, starting from the date of purchase. It’s important to note that gift vouchers hold no cash value and are non-transferable for cash. This provision ensures that the intended purpose of the vouchers is upheld, providing recipients with the chance to benefit from our services within the specified timeframe.


Cancellation Policy for Interview Skills Coach Training Services:

We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise, leading to the need for event cancellations. To ensure fairness and maintain the quality of our services, we have established the following cancellation policy:

Cancellation Period

Cancellation requests made 5 or more days prior to the scheduled event will not incur any charges.


Late Cancellations

Cancellation requests made less than 5 days before the scheduled event will incur a charge equivalent to the full amount of the agreed-upon fee.


Cancellation Procedure

All cancellation requests must be communicated in writing via email to Please include the event details and reason for cancellation.



In the event of a valid cancellation within the specified period, a full refund will be issued to the event organiser.



If rescheduling is requested and can be accommodated, it will be treated as a new booking and will be subject to availability.


Force Majeure

In the rare event of unforeseen circumstances, such as natural disasters, emergencies, or other unavoidable events, Interview Skills Coach reserves the right to cancel or reschedule the training session without incurring any liability.


Substitute Attendees

If the original attendee is unable to participate, a substitute may be provided at no additional cost, provided that prior notice is given.



If the event organiser or designated attendees fail to attend the scheduled training session without prior notice, the full fee will be charged.



Exceptions to this policy may be considered on a case-by-case basis, at the sole discretion of Interview Skills Coach.

By booking our training services, the event organiser acknowledges and agrees to abide by this cancellation policy. This policy is subject to change at the discretion of Interview Skills Coach.

For any additional inquiries, clarifications, or concerns regarding our cancellation and refund policy, we encourage clients to reach out to Kevin via email at . Our policy aims to establish a transparent and equitable relationship with our clients, promoting mutual understanding and accountability. We remain committed to offering top-notch interview skill enhancement services and products while upholding the principles outlined in our policy.