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Master the STAR Method for Successful Interviews

Would you like a stress free interview, where you knew:

-how to structure your answers concisely,
-What criteria you have to meet,
-And you How to confidently sell yourself?

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STAR Method For Interview Success

More and More companies are now turning to the STAR method interviews as a way of scoring a candidates interview performance.  So why not get ahead of the game and learn the method today before it’s too late!


Client interview success rate using STAR to answer questions V's candidates who don't use it


Of companies now use STAR interviews to score candidates during the recruitment process


Improvement in candidate confidence and self belief when knowing how to use the STAR Method effectively

What is the STAR Method?

The STAR Method is a powerful interview technique that helps candidates effectively showcase their skills and experiences. STAR stands for Situation, Task, Action, and Result.  

Using this method, interviewees can structure their answers to behavioural questions by describing the context of a challenge (Situation), the responsibilities involved (Task), the specific steps they took (Action), and the outcomes achieved (Result). This approach not only provides clear and concise responses but also demonstrates problem-solving abilities and accomplishments, making it a valuable tool for interview preparation and success.

Taking STAR to the next level

At Interview Skills Coach, we’ve enhanced the traditional STAR Method by adding an additional “R” for Reflection. This extended STAR+R approach encourages candidates to not only explain the Situation, Task, Action, and Result but also Reflect on what they learned from the experience. This reflective component is crucial in today’s interview process as it demonstrates self-awareness, a commitment to personal growth, and the ability to learn from past experiences—qualities highly valued by employers in a competitive job market.

Forge Your Future

Prepare for Success

In the world of Interviews Preparation Defines Success.  Here are some options that can change your interview outcome to success.

Interview Questions And Answers

Interview Questions
And Answers

Online Downloadable Interview Questions And Answers for Manger roles, local government posts and many, many more.

STAR Method workbook

STAR+R Method Workbook

This downloadable workbook develops your understanding setting out the structure used to elevate your responses to meet desired and essential criteria.

Webinar STAR Method

STAR+R Method

Weekly online webinar for those who want to understand the dynamics of  the STAR method and how they can use into enhance their chances of interview success.

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