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Group Coaching

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Schools and Universities

Interview training for schools and university students is a vital preparatory process designed to equip young individuals with the skills and confidence they need to excel in interviews, whether for academic admissions, internships, part-time jobs, or full-time careers. This specialised training program aims to enhance students’ ability to effectively communicate, present themselves professionally, and navigate challenging interview scenarios. By focusing on essential aspects like CV/resume building, body language, interview etiquette, and answering common interview questions, this training empowers students to showcase their strengths and make a lasting impression, ultimately increasing their chances of success in the competitive academic and professional world.

Public and Government

Interview training for public and government employees is a specialised program designed to prepare individuals for the unique challenges and expectations of the public sector job interview process. This training equips candidates with the essential skills and knowledge needed to excel in interviews for positions in government agencies, civil service, and public service organisations. It covers a range of topics, including understanding the government’s mission and values, demonstrating knowledge of relevant policies and regulations, mastering effective communication and interpersonal skills, and navigating the specific interview formats used in the public sector. Ultimately, interview training for public/government employees aims to enhance candidates’ readiness and confidence, helping them secure positions that serve the greater good and contribute to the efficient functioning of government institutions.

Client's Review

Gayle Ferguson

Head Of Careers

Kevin's informative workshop covered interview prep, communication, body language, and more. Activities and mock interviews engaged students, fostering a collaborative environment. Students found the workshop insightful and practical, boosting confidence. Kevin's passion for student success shone. I highly recommend this interactive interview skills workshop; Kevin's approach, knowledge, and teaching create an ideal learning experience, benefiting students' professional journeys.


Martina Murray Grunova

Senior Recruitment Officer

Through his expertise, I not only gained a deeper understanding of interview dynamics but also imbibed the art of articulating my thoughts persuasively. Kevin's mentorship has undeniably been a transformative experience, instilling in me a self-assuredness that radiates during interviews. His ability to impart knowledge in a relatable and applicable manner has undoubtedly elevated my interview prowess, empowering me for success.

Allan Gildea

Business Owner

I have been really lucky to have worked with Kevin. I find him extremely well informed, generous with his expertise, attentive and really helpful. I would heartily recommend you getting in touch.

Communication And Presentation Training

Improve your interpersonal and professional communication skills with our comprehensive program. Learn to articulate your thoughts effectively, build rapport, and convey your ideas with confidence. Our training is suitable for those in education and professionals of all levels, from entry-level to seasoned executives.

Interview Panel

Interview training for interview panels is a critical process aimed at preparing panel members to conduct effective and fair job interviews. It equips panelists with the necessary skills, knowledge, and best practices to assess candidates accurately and make well-informed hiring decisions. This training typically covers various aspects, such as understanding the job requirements, legal and ethical considerations, question formulation, active listening, and evaluation criteria. The goal is to ensure that panel members work cohesively, eliminate bias, and select the most qualified candidates for the organisation, ultimately contributing to successful and equitable hiring processes.

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