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Communication and Presentation Training

Unlock your team’s communication potential with our professional communication training programs. Designed for business owners and training purchasers, our comprehensive courses enhance public speaking, presentation skills, and more.

Unlock Your Team's Potential with Professional Communication Training

Are you looking to enhance your team’s communication skills, boost their public speaking abilities, and deliver impactful presentations? Look no further! Our comprehensive communication training programs are designed to empower your employees with the essential skills needed to excel in today’s competitive business landscape. With our expert instructor, Kevin, leading the way, your team will become confident and influential communicators, capable of leaving a lasting impression on any audience.

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Proposed Approach:

At Interview Skills Coach, we understand the importance of flexibility in today’s work environment. That’s why our communication training programs can be delivered both in person and virtually. Whether your team prefers a traditional classroom setting or the convenience of online learning, we’ve got you covered. Our Instructor-Led (IL) classroom-based and Virtual Instructor-Led (VILT) programs are delivered through leading platforms like Teams and Zoom, ensuring a seamless learning experience for all participants.

During each session, Kevin creates a friendly and inclusive environment that encourages active participation, maximising the learning outcomes for every delegate. Our content delivery incorporates a variety of engaging elements, including audio, video, and interactive work sessions, catering to different learning styles within group settings. To assess learning outcomes and future delivery requirements, knowledge audits are conducted at the beginning and end of the program.


Our communication training is delivered using an agreed-upon virtual platform for seamless communication and collaboration. Alternatively, we can provide in-person classroom-based sessions for those who prefer a traditional learning environment. Participants have the opportunity to engage with instructors and fellow learners, access course materials, and participate in discussions from the comfort of their own homes or offices.

To ensure comprehensive learning, we provide all course participants with downloadable learning materials, including STAR workbooks and online interview checklists. These resources serve as valuable references even after the training program concludes, enabling participants to continue refining their communication skills independently.

91% of employees believe that effective communication directly impacts their job satisfaction

According to a study by SHRM.


Welcome to the World of Public Speaking

Whether you’re preparing for an important presentation, a job interview, or simply want to improve your communication skills, you’ve come to the right place. Kevin, a seasoned public speaking coach and the Area Director for Toastmasters International, is here to guide you on your journey to becoming a confident and influential speaker.

Unlock Your Potential

Public speaking is not just about delivering a speech; it’s about connecting with your audience and conveying your message effectively. Kevin believes that everyone has the potential to be a great speaker. He works with you to unleash your unique strengths and overcome any challenges you may face. With Kevin as your mentor, discover new levels of self-assurance, clarity, and authenticity in your speaking style, empowering you to make a lasting impact on your listeners.

Practical Tips & Techniques

Looking for practical advice to polish your public speaking skills? Kevin is here to provide you with a treasure trove of tips and techniques honed through years of experience. From crafting compelling narratives to conquering stage fright, you’ll learn how to project confidence, manage nerves, utilise visual aids effectively, and adapt to different speaking situations. Kevin’s practical insights and actionable strategies will transform you into a skilled and persuasive communicator.

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Clients Testimonials

"Kevin's coaching in leadership communication has been transformative for me. As a business executive, effective communication is paramount in leading teams and driving success. Kevin's guidance helped me refine my leadership communication style, ensuring my messages resonate with clarity and inspire action. His practical techniques, combined with insightful feedback, have elevated my communication skills to a whole new level. I highly recommend Kevin to anyone seeking to become a more impactful leader."
Women Smiling communication
Sarah Brown
Leadership Communication Excellence
"Kevin's communication success coaching has been instrumental in overcoming my communication challenges. As an introvert, I often struggled to express myself effectively. Kevin's guidance and strategies empowered me to break through my barriers and communicate with clarity and confidence. I am grateful for his expertise and patient guidance throughout the coaching process. Thanks to Kevin, I am now a more effective communicator in both personal and professional settings."
Laura Collins
Beating Communication Challenges
"I cannot thank Kevin enough for his exceptional public speaking coaching. Before working with Kevin, I used to experience anxiety and self-doubt before every presentation.

Kevin's supportive approach and expert guidance helped me overcome those fears and deliver presentations with confidence. He taught me valuable techniques to engage the audience, structure my talks effectively, and handle Q&A sessions gracefully. Thanks to Kevin, public speaking is now an enjoyable and fulfilling experience for me."
Joanne Riley
Nailing Presentations with Confidence

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