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What are the different types of aptitude tests?

There are many different ways to test aptitude, these are the most common tests:

Numerical Reasoning

These demonstrate your ability to deal with numbers quickly and accurately.

Verbal Reasoning

These demonstrate your ability to deal with verbal instructions accurately.

Critical Thinking

Analytical, logical, and rational thinking for problem-solving & decision-making

Situational Judgement

These tests assess how you approach situations encountered in the workplace.

E-Tray Exercise

An E-Tray simulation assesses how well you can prioritise a number of tasks.

Error Checking

Assess a candidate’s ability to identify errors and assess the correctness of information.

Emotional Intelligence

Measure ability to identify emotions, both in ourselves and in others.

Cognitive Ability

A measurement of general intelligence, covering many different categories.

spatial awareness

Evaluate capacity to visualise, interpret, and manipulate objects in your mind’s eye.

Individuals to experience up to 30% or even higher increase in their test scores when they practice consistently and strategically


Our top 5 practice tips

  • Practice as many aptitude tests as you can beforehand.

  • Make sure you make a note of how much time you have and roughly how long you should be spending on each question.

  • If you get stuck, don’t let the clock run down, move on, you might find the next question easier and you’ll pick up more marks by moving on.

  • Use a good calculator. Make sure you are familiar with the calculator you’re using. The quicker you are with your calculator the higher you will score.

  • Get used to working on paper. We recommend using a big A4 sheet as you’ll have enough room to do your workings.

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